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Introducing Nestflix, the fake streaming service full of made-up movies and shows

At this point you could basically make up any kind of phoney-sounding streaming service and I would believe that it exists. Disney++? Nickelodeon Minus? Tuba? Gloobi? Yeah sure, I’ll buy stock in ’em.

The only fake streaming service that matters, however, is Nestflix, a quite legit-looking website that displays thumbnails and titles from all the best fake TV shows and movies you wish were real. It’s worth a minute of your time just for the glee of scrolling and recognising omg they have all the made-up movie trailers at the start of Tropic Thunder!!

Nestflix merely catalogues the best of “fictional films and TV shows nested inside real movies and TV shows”, rather than functioning as a streaming service to watch each fake title. Which is probably for the best, because I’d just get too distracted watching Angels with Filthy Souls and Angels With Even Filthier Souls, the black-and-white gangster films that so terrify Kevin in Home Alone. So disappointing to mature into adolescence and realise those movies weren’t real…

As you’d expect, there’s a vast selection of thumbnails from The Simpsons, including Barney’s snubbed masterpiece from the Springfield Film Festival ‘Pukahontas’ and the original bloated superhero epic Radioactive Man.

But some titles are more fresh, like the many poorly-conceived projects of Moira Rose in Schitt’s Creek. Her terrible hospital serial Sunrise Bay is just one of the myriad fake soaps Nestflix hosts, alongside Invitation to Love (from Twin Peaks), Prescription Passion (from House), and All My Circuits (from Futurama).

Nestflix is created and run by web designer Lynn Fisher, relying on contributions from savvy film-within-a-film-fans to add new titles. You can check out Nestflix‘s sadly fictional offerings, or even contribute a few of your own suggestions, here.