Watch as Fallout stars Ella Purnell and Aaron Moten chat with Flicks

A beloved post-apocalyptic video game series comes to the screen in Prime Video’s Fallout. The actors playing Lucy and Maximus talk lore, giant mech suits, and puppets with Clarisse Loughrey.

“She’s been taught that her entire role, her entire purpose, is to procreate to create the next generation of vault dwellers who will go to the surface and rebuild America,” Ella Purnell tells Flicks of her Fallout character, Lucy, who emerges from the underground shelter where she’s been born and raised, and out into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. “It’s an incredibly naive worldview. But there’s more to her than meets the eye. She’s tough. And she’s been trained for this. She knows how to handle herself, she could fight you if she wanted to.”

Lucy is one of three main characters we’ll meet in Prime Video’s adaptation of the long-running game series, first unleashed in 1997. One of them is The Ghoul, played by Walton Goggins, a radiated bounty hunter who’s been stalking the wasteland for two-hundred years. Another is Aaron Moten’s Maximus, a recruit in the quasi-religious, quasi-military Brotherhood of Steel. “One thing different about Maximus than The Ghoul or Lucy as characters is that he was born and raised in the wasteland,” Moten says. “And what that harsh reality has been for him has led him to this place where he craves so much this power. It causes him to really be at war within himself.”