A Quiet Place: Day One – UK trailer and release date

Following on from 2018’s astoundingly successful A Quiet Place and it’s 2020 sequel, A Quiet Place Part II, comes this prequel that shows us how earth came under attack from horrifyingly lethal sound-sensitive alien monsters. And just to mix things up, John Krasinski is stepping away from the director’s chair, with Pig‘s Michael Sarnoski calling the shots in his stead.

When is A Quiet Place: Day One being released in the UK?

A Quiet Place: Day One arrives in UK cinemas on June 28, 2024.

What is A Quiet Place: Day One about?

All we know is that this new entry will show the very first day of invasion from the point of view of wholly new characters, although you could posit that it takes place at the same time as the first scenes of A Quiet Place Part II. Expect a particularly horrifying disaster movie, we say, but everything else is up for grabs.

The cast of A Quiet Place: Day One

Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o is Sam, Stranger Things season four MVP Joseph Quinn is Eric, Djimon Hounsou is the Man on the Island, and Alex Wolff, Denis O’Hare, and Eliane Umuhire are in undisclosed roles.

A Quiet Place: Day One trailer

Why we’re excited about A Quiet Place: Day One

Well, the first two films were absolute bangers, with actor-turned-director Jon Krasinski proving a dab hand with unsettling, atmospheric horror. It’ll be interesting to see what incoming director Michael Sarnoski can do with the property, but the fact that Pig absolutely ruled gives us hope.

The cast is top notch, and the A Quiet Place series’ penchant for mercilessly murdering well-liked characters means the stakes are palpable. But we must admit to being curious as to where this one will go. And if there’s much more to be done with the conceit of aliens who hunt by sound—surely we’ll hit the boundaries of the concept before too long. But hopefully not just yet.