How to watch All of us Strangers in the UK

Love, loss, loneliness, alienation, identity, memory and more collide in All of us Strangers, one of the most acclaimed dramas of the year. You’re gonna want to see it—and you’re gonna want to bring tissues. Banger of a soundtrack, though.

How to watch All of us Strangers in the UK

All of us Strangers is screening in UK cinemas now.

What is All of us Strangers about?

Written and directed by Andrew Haigh (Lean on Pete) and adapted from the 1987 novel Strangers by Japanese author Taichi Yamada, All of us Strangers focuses on the tentative, growing romantic relationship between troubled screenwriter Adam and his neighbour Harry, while Adam wrestles with his feelings of guilt and loss over the death of his parents when he was a child. He does keep having visions of them, though, and conversations, which seasons this queer drama with a hint of the uncanny. In all honesty, the plot is not particularly important—it’s all about great performances and a palpable sense of the loneliness inherent in the human condition. And Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

The cast of All of us Strangers

Andrew Scott is Adam, Paul Mescal is Harry, and Jamie Bell and Claire Foy are Adam’s parents. That’s a lot of talent in a small cast.

All of us Strangers trailer

Why we’re excited about All of us Strangers

The reviews have been great and awards season has been generous to All of us Strangers, but here’s the real deal: every single person we’ve spoken to who has seen the film has been absolutely devastated. Not moved, not teary-eyed—completely wrecked. For days. Now, that may not be for everyone—sometimes you go to the movies for escapism, not emotional trauma. But if you hit the cinema to, you know, feel actual feelings, and see a part of yourself up on the screen, then this one needs to be at the top of your To Do list.