How to watch Baghead in the UK

How does “Talk to Me in a Berlin pub” sound to you? That’s pretty much the gist of this fresh slice of low budget horror. Intrigued? Let’s see what’s on tap.

When is Baghead being released in the UK?

Baghead is currently playing in UK cinemas.

What is Baghead about?

Following the death of her long-estranged father, a young woman finds herself the rather puzzled owner of the old man’s sole asset—a run-down pub in Berlin. The twist is that a demon, the titular Baghead, dwells in the cellar, and whoever holds the deed to the pub has control over the demon. The critter is a shapeshifter who can take on the form of the deceased—and people desperate to commune with their dear departed will pay for the opportunity. But if Baghead keeps that shape for more than two minutes, bad things are gonna happen…

So, yes, it sounds a lot like Talk to Me, the instant classic Aussie horror of last year. But Baghead comes to us from director Alberto Corredor, expanding his award-winning 2017 short of the same name, so it’s more a case of parallel evolution.

The cast of Baghead

Freya Allen is Iris; Peter Mullan is her estranged father, Owen Lark; Ruby Barker is her best friend, Katie; Jeremy Irvine is Neil; Anne Müller is Baghead; Saffron Burrows is Catherine; and Svenja Jung, Ned Dennehy, Julika Jenkins, and Felix Römer round out the ensemble.

Baghead trailer

What are the critics saying about Baghead?

They’re bagging it. Reviews have been almost universally damning, with the general consensus being that it feels like a short that’s been terribly over-written to pad it out to feature length. And, of course, it suffers in comparison to the aforementioned Talk to Me, which is unfortunate but understandable. But sometimes you want a dumb, creepy horror flick to unwind with on a Friday night, right? Maybe? No?