How to watch Criminal Record season 1 in the UK

It’s not so much Doctor Who as Doctor Whodunnit as Peter Capaldi and Cush Jumbo butt heads in this new eight-part British crime drama.

When is Criminal Record season 1 being released in the UK?

Criminal Record season one is streaming in the UK exclusively on Apple TV+ from January 12.

What is Criminal Record season 1 about?

When an anonymous phone call to the plod indicates that a cold-case murder may have been committed by someone other than the person currently doing 24 years for the crime, it brings together veteran copper Detective Chief Inspector Daniel Hegarty (Peter Capaldi) and new school officer Detective Sergeant June Lenker (Cush Jumbo) to uncover the truth. The problem is that Hegarty was the investigating officer on the original case, and may not be telling the whole truth about what happened. The scene is set for a clash of wills and a battle of wits between the pair, as Lenker tries to penetrate Hegarty’s code of silence.

The cast of Criminal Record season 1

Peter Capaldi is Detective Chief Inspector Daniel Hegarty, Cush Jumbo is Detective Sergeant June Lenker, Zoë Wanamaker is Maureen, Charlie Creed-Miles is Detective Sergeant Tony Gilfoyle, Cathy Tyson is Doris Mathis, Stephen Campbell Moore is Leo Hanratty, and Shaun Dooley is Detective Sergeant Kim Cardwell.

Criminal Record season 1 trailer

Why we’re excited about Criminal Record season 1

The double act of Capaldi and Jumbo alone has us on board from day one, and the set up is reminiscent of classics like The Offence and The Interview. According to early notices, Criminal Record digs into issues like institutional racism and police corruption, which is always a… well, “good time” is not quite the phrase for it, but it should prove to be captivating and troubling in equal measure. We appear to be currently in the midst of a Golden Age of British crime TV, and Criminal Record looks like it could be the first new classic of the year.