How to watch Dicks: The Musical in the UK

Are you ready for a gay take on the typical straight musical rom-com? Can you even get your head around how that might work? What if we told you it was from the director of Borat?

How to watch Dicks: The Musical in the UK

What is Dicks: The Musical about?

As the official synopsis from studio A24 tells us: “Two self-obsessed businessmen (writers Aaron Jackson & Josh Sharp) discover they’re long-lost identical twins and come together to plot the reunion of their eccentric divorced parents, in this riotously funny and depraved musical from comedy icon Larry Charles (Seinfeld, Borat).” Certainly a change in direction from The Witch, then.

It’s an adaptation of Jackson and Sharp’s two-man stage musical F***ing Identical Twins, and is being directed by none other than comedy legend Larry Charles, and it’s apparently all about performative heterosexual masculinity. Look, it sounds great, we’re just having trouble summing it up. It’s about two hyper-hetero pussy hounds, written and played by two gay guys. Essentially, if you reverse the polarity on all the awful gay stereotypes that straight people have been trafficking in for the past… well, forever, you get Dicks: the Musical.

The cast of Dicks: The Musical

In addition to Jackson and Sharp, Nathan Lane plays their dad, a closeted gay man who keeps a collection of “sewer boys” in his basement, while Megan Mullally is their mother, whose vagina has fallen off. Megan Thee Stallion plays their boss. Bowen Yang is God. Nick Offerman shows up, too. It’s gonna be a weird one.

Dicks: The Musical trailer

What are the critics saying about Dicks: The Musical?

If ever a movie had “future cult classic” written all over it in smeared lipstick, it’s Dicks: The Musical. The songs are great, the story is transgressive as all hell and outrageously camp, and the tunes are genuine bangers. We’re definitely getting Hedwig and the Angry Inch vibes from this one.