How to watch Immaculate in the UK

From the transgressive Euphoria to the charming Anyone but You to the definitely-released-in-cinemas Madame Web, freshly minted superstar Sydney Sweeney now exploits the fecund fields of *checks notes* nunsploitation horror. Where’s Ken Russell when you need him?

How to watch Immaculate in the UK

Immaculate is hitting UK cinemas on March 22.

What is Immaculate about?

Sweeney is devout Catholic woman Cecilia, who joins a remote Italian convent, Our Lady of Sorrows, that functions as a hospice for dying nuns. If that’s not creepy enough, she soon discovers that she is pregnant, even though… well, just look at the title.

This is, of course, only the tip of the weirdness iceberg, as our holy heroine finds herself embroiled in the kind of culty conspiracy that always seems to crop up in this sort of thing, and the conception in question starts looking less immaculate by the minute. It soon becomes apparent she must effect an escape before this kid comes to term.

Michael Mohan, who previously directed Sweeney in 2021’s The Voyeurs, is calling the shots on this one, working from a script by first time feature writer Andrew Lobel.

The cast of Immaculate

Sydney Sweeney is Cecilia, Álvaro Morte is Father Sal Tedeschi, Benedetta Porcaroli is Sister Gwen, Dora Romano is the Mother Superior, Giorgio Colangeli is Cardinal Franco Merola, and Simona Tabasco is Sister Mary.

Immaculate trailer

Why we’re excited about Immaculate

We are suckers for religious horror, be it the cerebral The Exorcist, the pulpy The Pope’s Exorcist, or the middling charms of weekly section perennial The Prophecy. This latest addition to that sacred subgenre looks like it goes to some weird places, and features a fully committed performance by current It girl Sweeney. And top marks to whoever scheduled Immaculate’s release for just before Easter—that’s just perfect timing.