How to watch The Boys season 4 in the UK

The best and bloodiest superhero series going returns for another round of perverse, punchy political commentary. We are so back.

How to watch The Boys season 4 in the UK

The Boys season 4 is streaming in the UK exclusively on Amazon Prime Video from June 13.

What is The Boys season 4 about?

In a world where superheroes are corporate-sponsored celebrities and complete bastards to boot, only The Boys, a covert black ops squad led by the venal and vengeance-crazed Billy Butcher, stands between us normies and life under a primary-coloured jackboot. Following on from the events of season three, Billy is on the outs and apparently dying, evil Superman expy Homelander is more popular than ever for straight-up murdering a protestor on national TV, and corporate-controlled political wunderkind Victoria Neuman is making a run at the White House. But Billy has a plan: a horrible, horrible plan…

If you’ve read the original comics by Garth Ennis and Darrick Robertson, a quick glance at the trailer below indicates we may be moving towards the final act of the series. Of course, that doesn’t mean the show won’t continue after it runs out of source material.

The cast of The Boys season 4

Karl Urban continues to have the time of his life as Billy Butcher; Dennis and Meg’s kid Jack Quaid is nice guy Hughie Campbell; Antony Starr is the sociopathic Homelander; Erin Moriarty is the actually heroic (a rarity here) Annie January aka Starlight; Jessie T. Usher is egotistical speedster A-Train; Laz Alonso is Mother’s Milk, Billy’s 2IC; Chace Crawford is conflicted aqua-guy The Deep; Tomer Capone and Karen Fukuhara are Frenchie and The Female, the team’s muscle; Claudia Doumit is Victoria Neuman; and Colby Minifie, Nathan Mitchell, and Valorie Curry round out the main cast.

Also returning this year are Simon Pegg and Jim Beaver, plus Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Rosemarie DeWitt in as yet undisclosed roles.

The Boys season 4 trailer

Why we’re excited about The Boys season 4

While the great superhero craze seems to be over, we’re still not bored with watching them get murderised in various gory and inventive ways.