How to watch the WHAM! documentary in the UK

Queer icon George Michael is finally getting the documentary he deserves. And so is Andrew Ridgeley, who our more senescent readers may remember as the other half of pop sensation Wham! from back in the day. The feature documentary Wham! is now streaming in the UK, exclusively availabe on Netflix.

Directed by Chris Smith (Tiger King, but also the cult classic American Movie) and timed to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the release of Wham!’s debut album, Fantastic, Wham! charts the phenomenal rise of the pop duo, from their humble beginnings as teenagers out to conquer the music world, hand-delivering their demo to dubious record companies, to their triumphant final show at the iconic Wembley Stadium in June 1986 – a four-year rollercoaster ride if ever there was one.

Combining archival footage and recordings, rare home video, and with narration supplied from interviews with Ridgeley and the late Michael (who passed away in 2016) the brisk 92 minute film gallops through their whirlwind career together. Of special interest is the use of scrapbooks that Ridgeley’s mother assembled over the course of her son’s career—over 50 in all!—to stitch the A/V material together, which should prove an irresistible draw for diehard fans.

Now, we threw a little friendly shade at Andrew Ridgeley for a minute there (and also, the definitive doco on George Michael is Freedom), but it’s very cool that Wham! are getting their time in the spotlight once more.

Often viewed as merely a precursor to Michael’s later solo career, Wham! were the prototype by band, dishing out irresistible pop bangers by the truckload and enrapturing teenage girls around the globe. All why being, with the benefit of hindsight, queer-coded AF. And it goes without saying that the soundtrack is killer, but it’s the insights into the deep friendship between Michael and Ridgeley that will bring a tear to your eye even as you’re tapping your feet.