How to watch This is Me… Now: A Love Story in the UK

Not only is Jennifer Lopez releasing her first studio album in a whole decade, there’s a movie coming to accompany it. Sort of. It’s a bit weird.

When is This is Me… Now A Love Story being released in the UK?

This is Me… Now: A Love Story is now streaming in the UK on Amazon Prime Video.

What is This is Me… Now A Love Story about?

Excellent question, J-Hive. A sort of conceptual fantasy, the 65 minute film is directed by music video veteran Dave Myers, is an allegorical autobiography, taking us through Lopez’s life, with a heavy focus on her romantic entanglements. As you might expect, her relationship with her fourth and current husband, Ben Affleck, features heavily, although B-Aff himself only makes a fleeting appearance.

Other than that, expect a lot of music, spectacular dance choreography, and jaw-dropping visuals. Also, there’s a documentary, directed by Affleck, The Greatest Love Story Never Told, due to drop on February 27.

The cast of This is Me… Now A Love Story

Jennifer Lopez, of course, plus a brief, self-deprecating turn by Ben Affleck, along with appearances by Fat Joe, Jane Fonda, Post Malone, Keke Palmer, Jennifer Lewis, Kim Petras, Jay Shetty, Sofia Vergara, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Trevor Noah, and Sadhguru.

This is Me… Now A Love Story trailer

What are the critics saying aboutThis is Me… Now A Love Story?

The reviews have been pretty positive about this one, and the takes from committed J-Lo stans have been positively stellar. The general consensus seems to be that although this whole exercise is unarguably a vanity project (Lopez financed the entire thing herself to the tune of approximately 20 million dollars), it’s a very good vanity project.

On the flip side, negative reviews have noted that the reversed pop diva seems to be taking herself a bit too seriously here, and the film veers into unintentionally camp territory more than a few times. But isn’t the best camp unitentional? And don’t we want our superstars to embrace the excess?

As for us, we’re just keen to see how it stacks up against Beyoncé’s recent forays into filmmaking.