How to watch Under the Bridge in the UK

One of Canada’s most shocking crimes comes to the small screen in this critically acclaimed miniseries.

How to watch Under the Bridge in the UK

Under the Bridge is now streaming in the UK exclusively on Disney+.

What is Under the Bridge about?

Based on the much-lauded non-fiction book of the same title by the late Canadian author Rebecca Godfrey and originally premiering on Hulu in the US back in April, the eight-episode Under the Bridge examines the 1996 murder of Indo-Canadian teenager Reena Virk, one of the most infamous crimes in that country’s history. Taking place in the late ’90s, the series follows two threads of inquiry: one unravelled by Godfrey herself, the other by local cop Cam Bentland, her childhood friend. It’s worth noting that Bentland is a fictional, composite character based on numerous actual police officers who worked on the case, although the material facts of Virk’s death are horribly accurate. Where the spoiler line lies for a 30-year-old case is hard to say, and perhaps it’s tasteless to even wonder—if you’re curious, Google is your friend.

The cast of Under the Bridge

Riley Keough (Mad Max: Fury Road, Zola) is Rebecca Godfrey, and is also on Executive Producer duties; Lily Gladstone, breakout star of Killers of the Flower Moon, is Cam Bentland; Vritika Gupta is Reena Virk; with Chloe Guidry, Javon “Wanna” Walton, Izzy G, Aiyana Goodfellow, Ezra Faroque Khan, and Archie Panjabi in support. The series was developed by actor and director Quinn Shepherd (Blame), who also writes and directs two episodes.

Under the Bridge trailer

Why we’re excited about Under the Bridge

Dealing with issues of class, race, and gender, Under the Bridge has attracted strong reviews, but the relentlessly bleak subject matter may be too much for some viewers. While the story’s basis in actual events lends it unquestionable gravitas, we’ve certainly had no shortage of similar true crime dramatic fare over the pat several years, so perhaps the question is whether or not you’ve had your fill?