How to watch Unsung Hero in the UK

If you’re a fan of Christian pop duo for KING & COUNTRY (look, that’s how they write it), we have some great news. If not, scroll on by.

How to watch Unsung Hero in the UK

Unsung Hero is now screening in UK cinemas.

What is Unsung Hero about?

Based on the real life story of the family Smallbone (brothers Joel and Luke comprise for KING & COUNTRY, sister Rebecca St. James is also a Christian music artist of some note), the film sees family patriarch and music promoter David Smallbone haul his family of eight from Sydney, New South Wales, to Nashville, Tennessee, where the various members try their hands at music to no small amount of success (I mean, the albums are a matter of, uh, record), all while the unshakable Christian faith of mum Helen and the support of their church help them weather the slings and arrows of blind fortune. And that’s pretty much your lot: music, religion, and a pretty smooth ride to the top of the Christian pop charts.

The cast of Unsung Hero

Joel Smallbone, who co-writes and co-directs with Richard Ramsey, plays his own father, David Smallbone; with Daisy Betts as Helen, Kirrilee Berger as Rebecca Smallbone (later St, James—she’s married to Foster the People’s old bassist, funnily enough); Diesel La Torraca and JJ Pantano as the young Joel and Luke, respectively; Lucas Black (The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift) and Candace Cameron Bure as fellow parishioners Jed and Kay Albright; plus Jonathan Jackson, Terry O’Quinn, Hillary Scott, Lance E. Nichols, and Rachel Hendrix as fellow God-rocker, Amy Grant. Various Smallbones have cameos as well.

Unsung Hero trailer

What are the critics saying about Unsung Hero

The reviews have been fairly mixed, folks, but let’s face facts: there’s a very specific target audience for this one, and you already know if you’re in it. Fans and the faithful feel free to flock the your local cinema, but there doesn’t appear to be much cross-over appeal here.