Spaceman trailer and release date – UK

This new sci-fi flick isn’t the first time Adam Sandler has turned his hand to drama—the Sandman does like to dabble in the darker end of the genre pool from time to time, as in the anxiety-inducing Uncut Gems. But Spaceman, based on the 2017 Czechian novel of the same title by Jaroslav Kalfař, is weirder than most dramas. For one thing, the presence of a possibly hallucinatory giant spider usually indicates we’re standing on more comedic ground…

When is Spaceman being released in the UK?

Spaceman is streaming in the UK exclusively on Netflix from March 1.

What is Spaceman about?

The former Happy Gilmore is astronaut Jakub Procházka, on a long-term solo mission to the far reaches of the solar system. His extreme loneliness reaches crisis point when his pregnant wife back on Earth leaves him. Luckily (for a certain value thereof) for him, he encounters a giant alien spider who helps him work through his issues. Is Hanuš, as the spider is called, real, or a figment of his desperate imagination? Excellent question…

With its themes of human trauma and first contact, Spaceman will immediately remind the canny viewer of two films: the first being Andrei Tarkovsky’s 1972 masterpiece, Solaris, and the second being Steven Soderbergh’s 2002 masterpiece, Solaris. But with a giant talking spider, of course.

The cast of Spaceman

Adam Sandler is Jakub Procházka; Carey Mulligan is Lenkam his wife; Paul Dano is the voice of Hanuš; Isabella Rossellini is Commissioner Tuma, the mission’s commanding officer; and Kunal Nayyar and Lena Olin are also on hand.

Spaceman Trailer

Why we’re excited about Spaceman

It’s always interesting when Sandler takes a dramatic role, and it looks like he’s really pushing in a different direction here. Plus, these sort of metaphysical sci-fi movies are always worth a look, even if it’s just to arm yourself for the inevitable conversation about What It All Means after watching.