Disenchantment: The Final Season – UK trailer and release date

Simpsons creator Matt Groening has had a lot of fun futzing around in the fantasy genre, but all good things must come to an end. And so it is that Disenchantment: The Final Season hits Netflix on September 1.

This fifth and, as noted, final season takes us back to the magical kingdom of Dreamland and the exploits of hard-partying, adventurous Princess Bean (Abbi Jacobson), her sardonic personal demon Luci (Eric André), and upbeat elf Elfo (Nat Faxon) as they navigate living in a high fantasy world replete with sorcery, monsters, curses, and whatnot, when all they really want to do is get loaded.

As for this season, as the official (and typically vague) synopsis tells us, “It all endeth here. To save Dreamland from Queen Dagmar’s wicked rule, Bean must vanquish her mother and outrun a prophecy that foretells she will kill someone she loves. The stakes are as high as ever as our heroes face Satan, a headless corpse, an evil scientist and most terrifying of all- their true destiny.”

Sounds like a lot to deal with in only 10 episodes, tbh, but we have faith.

Back for season 5 are Sharon Horgan as Queen Dagmar, voice acting legend John DiMaggio as King Zøg, plus a supporting cast that includes Billy West, Maurice LeMarche, Tress MacNeille, and British comedy stars Richard Ayoade, Rich Fulcher, Matt Berry, and Noel Fielding.

Disenchantment never attained the cultural saturation of The Simpsons nor, if we’re being frank, the cult status of the seemingly deathless Futurama, but it’s been a pretty fun time, nonetheless. For all the high fantasy trappings, the real juice has been the sharp interplay between Bean, Luci, and Elfo, with Eric André’s impish imp quickly proving the series’ MVP. And if you’ve never dipped into Disenchantment until now, you’ve got just enough time to hammer through the first four seasons before this one drops.