How to watch Trigger Warning in the UK

Jessica Alba returns to our screens after an absence of five years to play a lethal special forces operator. Look, hear us out: there are extenuating circumstances.

When is Trigger Warning being released in the UK?

Trigger Warning is streaming exclusively on Netflix from June 21. Again, bear with us here.

What is Trigger Warning about?

The former Dark Angel plays Parker (no, not that one), a skilled commando who must stop battling job-related trauma and start battling gang-related crime after she inherits her father’s run down dive bar and finds the old neighbourhood overrun with the sort of people in desperate need of some corporal (and possibly capital) punishment. As you do.

Which sounds very generic in an ’80s action movie sort of way, and the title is doing it no favours, but here’s the thing: Indonesian filmmaker Mouly Surya is directing, and her 2017 movie Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts is absolutely brilliant, so we urge you not dismiss this one. Odds are good this is not going to be nearly so rote as we might expect.

The cast of Trigger Warning

Jessica Alba, as we mentioned, is Parker; Anthony Michael Hall is Senator Ezekiel Swann, powerful politician and, let’s face it, probably villain; Mark Webber is Jesse, Parker’s former boyfriend turned town sheriff; and Jake Weary, Tone Bell, Alejandro De Hoyo, Gabriel Basso, Kaiwi Lyman, and Hari Dhillon are on supporting duties.

Trigger Warning trailer

Why we’re excited about Trigger Warning

To be clear, this could be just another Netflix programmer destined to sink below the algorithm without a trace come Monday after release. Lord knows we get plenty of those. But Mouly Surya’s presence behind the camera? Man, that is intriguing.  We have to check this one out and hope for the best. Can’t be worse than Angelina Jolie’s Those Who Wish Me Dead, though. Right?