You can now catch all the love and thunder of Thor 4 from the comfort of home

Thor was once one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most boring characters, TBH: of course Chris Hemsworth did decent work as a musclebound Asgardian thunder god, but it wasn’t until Thor: Ragnarok that we saw the hilarious, space opera potential of his galactic world.

So it’s only natural that Thor fans ate up the last chapter of his saga, especially with Taika Waititi directing once again, and returning heroines Natalie Portman and Tessa Thompson taking on more of a lead role than ever before. Thor: Love and Thunder is now streaming on Disney+ for UK subscribers.

Whether its story of change, romance, and parenthood looms just as large on the small screen will be up to you, when you stream the fourth Thor adventure from the not-so-Asgardian scale of your living room TV.

One of the film’s most unexpected highlights was Russell Crowe as a Greek-accented version of Zeus, who accidentally strips off all of Hemsworth’s clothes in the official trailer below. Legions of Marvel fans laughed, ogled, and thanked the gods of Mount Olympus.

For what it’s worth, Love and Thunder didn’t receive such godly reviews here at Flicks. In his write-up, Tony Stamp complained that the current Marvel phase “contains gods, time variants, a multiverse, different dimensions… and none of it really sticks. Love and Thunder almost feels desperate in its attempts to entertain—fights, special effects, and jokes, jokes, jokes. But if everything’s a joke, then does any of it really matter?”

For some stranger recommendations for superhero comedy, try out Luke Buckmaster’s trio of heroic laughfests, published as part of the column Seen That? Watch This. Jokes and super-powered punches can be a divine combination, and thousands of Aussie cinemagoers seemed to love it in the form of Thor 4.