About Flicks Membership

This is us becoming members. (Barbie)

Join the club and get your watching life sorted. A Flicks membership is free and it lets you...


Create a watchlist of movies and shows, so you can keep track of what you want to watch – and see where to watch them, in cinemas or streaming.


Be notified. We’ll ping you when things on your watchlist land in cinemas or on streaming (you can choose to get email or app notifications). You’ll also get our weekly emails (if you want them) – the lowdown on what's new and needs watching.


Get rewards. Little cherry on top – you’ll be able to redeem offers we suss with our partners, enter our competitions and get tickets to our advanced screenings.

Membership FAQ

With our studio, cinema and brand partner pals we bring you ticket giveaways, discount offers and – from time to time – advanced screenings. These are exclusive to Flicks members.

See our current crop of rewards here.

We’ll ping you based on your watchlist (like when a movie on your watchlist arrives in cinema or streaming). More on notifications here.

No no no. All we do is let you create a watchlist, send you notifications, and offer your rewards as outlined above. We don't share or sell your information with anyone else. For the full details, see our full privacy policy.

Log in to your account, go to your settings (the little cog), at the bottom hit DELETE MY MEMBERSHIP. Confirm, and scene. If you’re having any issues, please contact us.

Not a question. But we’re sorry to hear that. Contact us and we'll get right on that.

We know. Our latest membership functionality is not yet available on the app. But it will be soon so stay tuned.

Not that frequently asked to be honest, but we’d just like to say: yes we do. We're working towards expanding what you can follow (like directors and actors, maybe even sport teams), set favourites (cinemas and streamers) and bringing you more rewards.

We want your feedback and ideas.