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Poster for Metal Skin

Metal Skin

115 mins56%
Psycho Joe loves one thing: fast cars!...
Psycho Joe loves one thing: fast cars! When he gets a job at a local supermarket, Joe meets fellow "petrol head" Dazey, who quickly becomes his idol and best friend. Soon after, Joe falls for Savina, a goth girl who practices black magic. But Savina has already fallen for Dazey and will do anything to get him -- including using Joe's feelings for her. In true Shakespearean fashion, this trio race down the road to tragedy.
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Poster for Romper Stomper

Romper Stomper

94 mins|79%73%
Before his rise to Hollywood and Oscar-winning...
Before his rise to Hollywood and Oscar-winning glory, Russell Crowe led this 1992 Australian crime drama as a Nazi skinhead threatened by their changing neighbourhood.
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