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Combining interviews with gripping reenactments, this docudrama explores the life of Alexander the Great during his conquest of the Persian... More

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Alexander: The Making of a God is available to stream... More in the United Kingdom now on Netflix.

Alexander: The Making of a God episodes

Episode 1.1

The Boy King

After a violent murder, a young Alexander ascends the throne... More of Macedonia and takes up arms against the mighty Persian Empire, ruled by Darius III.

Episode 1.2

Death or Victory

The tyrant inside Alexander starts to emerge as he leads... More his army to victory in western Persia, forcing Darius III to reassess his opponent.

Episode 1.3

Face to Face

Alexander defies the odds again and defeats Darius III at... More the Battle of Issus. He then falls back to set his sights on an unexpected target: Egypt.

Episode 1.4

The Golden Empire

Alexander finds new purpose in Egypt and embarks on a... More perilous journey to find an ancient oracle and learn his true identity.


The Living God

Alexander embraces his destiny as his army plunges into the... More heart of Persia. With peace off the table, a final showdown against Darius III is inevitable.


A World Still to Conquer

With the Persian Empire in his hands and Darius III... More at his feet, Alexander burns with renewed ambition as he seeks to conquer the entire world.

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15, Violence, injury detail
Documentary, Drama
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Netflix Original

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