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The great Jeff Daniels returns for this second season of the American family drama as the chief of police Del Harris... More

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American Rust: Broken Justice is available to stream in the... More United Kingdom now on Prime Video.

American Rust: Broken Justice episodes

Episode 2.1


Four months after the shoot-out in West Virginia, Del has... More returned to the Pittsburgh P.D. while the folks in Buell try to get their lives back on track.

Episode 2.2

The Golden Goose

A new murder in Buell lights a fire in Steve... More as he doubles down on his suspicions of Grace and Del. Del continues to investigate the bombing in Pittsburgh while also becoming more enmeshed in the Brotherhood.

Episode 2.3

Iron Sky

Del invites Vic out to his cabin for a male... More bonding weekend. Grace goes toe-to-toe with Sue at the District Attorney debate. The town of Buell is rocked by another murder of one of their own, while Steve’s suspicion of Grace grows.

Episode 2.4

The Hand You're Dealt

Del and Vic grow closer during their weekend in Buell.... More Lee grows more suspicious of her law firm as her investigation leads her to surprising evidence. A job prospect presents itself to Grace, and Isaac and Russell bond after a harrowing experience. Steve’s suspicion of Grace and Del grows into an obsession.


Light Me Up

Del feels pressure surrounding the Brotherhood as he looks into... More Vic's disappearance. Lee and Isaac argue about her feelings regarding her job. Isaac’s feelings are hurt when he crosses paths with someone from Russell’s life, while Billy's behavior grows more erratic and causes him to act out.


Daddy Issues

Angela is brought into Del's secret plan. Grace receives a... More promising job offer, but remains worried about Billy’s behavior. Lee and Isaac have a memorial service for their father.



Lee’s involvement in the Landwill case deepens. Isaac receives a... More surprise visit and Billy’s behavior ruins a dinner party. Del fears for Angela’s safety while Grace misses Del.



Billy has a new lease on life after finally confronting... More his past and makes strides to secure his future. Lee is in trouble as Rinna investigates the missing documents. Russell returns to Buell to find Isaac moving on. Angela and Del are wary of mysterious circumstances surrounding a death.


Fast Horses, Younger Women and More Money

Cynthia becomes suspicious of everyone as she tries to figure... More out what happened to Vic. Angela and Del are surprised when they arrive at an urgent police call and things are not as they seem. Lee reconnects with Alejandro when she goes to New York to sign their divorce papers.



Fighting crippling pain, Del is determined to continue his investigation... More and turns to Steve for help. Billy leaves for basic training and finds comfort when he befriends a fellow traveler. The Landwill conflict comes to a head.

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