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A fantasy spins out of control, all-seeing devices expose dark secrets, and a woman flees a ruthless hunter in more... More

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Black Mirror: Season 4 is available to stream in the... More United Kingdom now on Amazon Video and Netflix and Apple TV Store and Google TV.

Black Mirror: Season 4 episodes

Episode 4.1

USS Callister

Capt. Robert Daly presides over his crew with wisdom and... More courage, but a new recruit will soon discover nothing on this spaceship is what it seems.

Episode 4.2


Worried about her daughter's safety, single mom Marie signs up... More for a cutting-edge device that monitors the girl's whereabouts.

Episode 4.3


Architect Mia scrambles to keep a dark secret under wraps,... More while insurance investigator Shazia harvests people's memories of a nearby accident scene.

Episode 4.4

Hang the DJ

Paired up by a dating program that puts an expiration... More date on all relationships, Frank and Amy soon begin to question the system's logic.



At an abandoned warehouse, scavengers searching for supplies encounter a... More ruthless foe and flee for their lives through a bleak wasteland.


Black Museum

On a dusty stretch of highway, a traveler stumbles across... More a museum that boasts rare artifacts -- and a disturbing main attraction.

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The weird thing is how plausible this all seems. Pushing aside the issue of virtual characters having actual thoughts and feelings (the old sentience chestnut), Daly’s twisted behaviour rings absolutely true; you really believe some vile, narrow-minded prick like him could be that spiteful and reckless. Read full article on episode 'USS Callister'

Luke Buckmaster

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