Extraordinary: Season 2

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Jen is a young, self-aware woman who lives in a world where everyone has a superpower except her.

Where to watch Extraordinary: Season 2

We aren’t aware of any way to watch Extraordinary: Season... More 2 in the United Kingdom. If we’ve got that wrong, please contact us.

    Extraordinary: Season 2 episodes

    Episode 2.1

    The Void

    Jen enrolls at the clinic, and the gang helms new... More beginnings amidst a secret family and a breakup.

    Episode 2.2

    Hello Stranger

    Jen and Jizz juggle father-son bonding with couple bonding; Kash... More gets a job but at Carrie's work.

    Episode 2.3

    The Exorcism of Carrie Jackson

    The gang tackle their fears: intimacy, frumpiness, responsibilities and Halloween.

    Episode 2.4

    Ready to Rumble

    The gang attends Nora's book launch; heads are filled with... More everything from sabotage to seduction.

    EPISODE 2.5

    Meet the Parent

    Jen's attempt at Happy Families proves a disaster, while Kash... More proves a terrible wingman.

    EPISODE 2.6

    Jen V Nora: Ultimate Showdown

    Jen and Nora's rivalry intensifies; Jizz faces a tough choice;... More Carrie jumps through hoops.

    EPISODE 2.7

    Be the Daddy You Want to See in the World

    Jen tackles her Daddy issues; Jizz tries to get even;... More Carrie and Kash find something is missing.

    EPISODE 2.8

    Well, Goodbye Forever

    It's the night of the musical, and the gang is... More faced with both internal and external chaos.

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