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Baz Luhrmann's 2008 epic Australia starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman is reconfigured and extended in this six-part miniseries. The story of an... More

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We aren’t aware of any way to watch Faraway Downs:... More Miniseries in the United Kingdom. If we’ve got that wrong, please contact us.

    Faraway Downs: Miniseries episodes

    Episode 1.1

    Chapter One: The Land

    In 1939 English aristocrat Sarah Ashley crosses the world to... More confront her husband and sell a million-acre cattle ranch in the Australian Outback.

    Episode 1.2

    Chapter Two: Secrets

    Sarah learns the truth about her husband and what she... More is now up against. Winning over Drover may be her only hope to take on King Carney.

    Episode 1.3

    Chapter Three: Adventure

    Leading 1000 head of cattle across outback terrain, Sarah and... More Drover are faced with how far Fletcher will go for revenge.

    Episode 1.4

    Chapter Four: Romance

    Sarah & Drover must outsmart Carney & his men at... More Darwin wharf for a cattle deal with the army. Sarah discovers she is no match for the draconian race laws and is about to capitulate to Carney.

    EPISODE 1.5

    Chapter Five: Betrayal

    Caught between the comfort of family and the pull of... More his heritage, Nullah must make a hard choice.

    EPISODE 1.6

    Chapter Six: War

    With World War II imminent, Sarah makes a sacrifice for... More Nullah. Drover realizes what matters most, but bombs start falling on Darwin.

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