Ghosts: Season 5 (UK)

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A cash-strapped young couple inherits a grand country house, only to find it is both falling apart and teeming with... More

Where to watch Ghosts: Season 5 (UK)

Ghosts: Season 5 (UK) is available to stream in the... More United Kingdom now on Amazon Video and Apple TV Store and BBC iPlayer.

Ghosts: Season 5 (UK) episodes

Episode 5.1


With the B&B gone, Mike anxiously strives to fix their... More finances, but it’s April Fools' Day, and a distracted Alison is out for revenge. The couple receive some life-changing news.

Episode 5.2


Mike is feeling intense anxiety about the future. The couple... More look into selling some land, incensing Lady Button. Can Thomas finally become a published poet?

Episode 5.3

Pineapple Day

Alison and Mike invite Barclay to discuss the land sale... More but are quickly forced to play hardball. Meanwhile, the ghosts become fixated on solving the mystery of Kitty’s death.

Episode 5.4

En Français

Having lost their appetite for Food Club, the ghosts trial... More some new entertainment inspired by Pat. Disaster strikes as Mike and Alison host an important guest at Button House.


Carpe Diem

Robin has a revelation that unnerves the ghosts and prompts... More them to consider their legacies. Alison and Mike decide to have a spontaneous wild night out.


Last Resort

Mike and Alison receive an incredible offer far beyond their... More expectations. They must make a decision, the result of which will change their lives forever.


A Christmas Gift

« Previous Ep. It's coming up to Christmas, and Mike's mum... More is staying. Betty wants to be helpful, but it isn't long before she is driving Mike and Alison round the bend. Betty has overstayed her welcome, but Alison and Mike don't quite have the heart to tell her. Just as she decides to leave of her own volition, Betty suspects something is terribly wrong at Button House. She adopts extreme measures to make the house safe and in doing so endangers the resident Ghosts – will they come out of this unscathed?

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