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This adaptation of the popular YA novel gives history's most tragic heroines a do-over, reimagining them as damsels in distress... More

Where to watch My Lady Jane: Season 1

My Lady Jane: Season 1 is available to stream in... More the United Kingdom now on Prime Video.

My Lady Jane: Season 1 episodes

Episode 1.1

Who'll Be the Next in Line?

Meet Lady Jane Grey. Brilliant, but more usefully, beautiful. And... More about to have the worst day of her life. (So far.)

Episode 1.2

Wild Thing

What’s worse: when you have the raging horn for an... More unmitigated scoundrel? Or when he has a deep dark secret that could get you both killed?

Episode 1.3

With a Girl Like You

Midnight quests in the woods, spanking, feasts, duels, murder and... More snogging. This episode has it all.

Episode 1.4

Bluebird Is Dead

Jane is Queen and people keep trying to kill her.... More Pass the wine.


I'm Gonna Change the World

Mary is coming for Jane’s crown. Frances is coming for... More Guildford. And the nobility is coming to get hammered at Jane’s Coronation Banquet.


I Feel Free

Missing: the roguish consort to the Queen of England. If... More you have any idea as to his whereabouts, do let us know.


Another Girl, Another Planet

Jane is on trial for treason. And Guildford, Edward and... More Fitz are determined to save her. Typical men.


God Save the Queen

Our intrepid heroine might lose her head... but she won’t... More lose her cool.

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