Red Dwarf: Series I

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The adventures of the last human alive and his friends, stranded three million years into deep space on the mining... More

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Red Dwarf: Series I is available to stream in the... More United Kingdom now on Amazon Video and Apple TV Store and Google TV and BBC iPlayer and Sky Go and Microsoft.

Red Dwarf: Series I episodes

Episode 1.1

The End

Dave Lister emerges from 3 million years of suspended animation... More to find that he's the only surviving crew member of the Red Dwarf.

Episode 1.2

Future Echoes

The members of the Red Dwarf crew get a glimpse... More of their respective futures when the ship goes into light speed, and time begins to dilate.

Episode 1.3

Balance of Power

Fed up with Rimmer always pulling rank, Lister decides to... More take the chef's exam to become his superior -- which doesn't sit well with Rimmer.

Episode 1.4

Waiting for God

When Holly, the ship's computer, reports a mysterious pod floating... More in space, Rimmer insists on capturing the capsule.


Confidence & Paranoia

Plagued by a nasty case of space pneumonia, Lister begins... More to hallucinate.



Tired of sharing space with Lister, Rimmer begins a blissful... More new relationship with the ultimate roommate: a holographic replica of himself.

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