Renegade Nell: Season 1

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Nell Jackson, a quick-witted and courageous young woman, finds herself framed for murder and unexpectedly becomes the most notorious outlaw... More

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We aren’t aware of any way to watch Renegade Nell:... More Season 1 in the United Kingdom. If we’ve got that wrong, please contact us.

    Renegade Nell: Season 1 episodes

    Episode 1.1

    Don't Call Me Nelly

    England, 1705: Nell Jackson's supernatural fighting skills stir up trouble... More on her return from war.

    Episode 1.2

    Tracks Less Well Trod

    On the run from the law, Nell, Roxy and George... More turn to highway robbery to survive.

    Episode 1.3

    A Private Joke with the Queen

    Poynton's dark magic catches up with Nell. One of her... More sisters is dangerously wounded in the escape.

    Episode 1.4

    Devil's Dung

    Nell risks capture to find a doctor, and the gang... More receive help from some unlikely sources.

    EPISODE 1.5

    Excuse Me, I'm a Doctor

    Nell goes to Newgate Prison to try and rescue Devereux,... More and Roxy and George meet their Uncle Jack.

    EPISODE 1.6

    Snatched by Strollers

    Nell sets out to rescue George, and Rasselas finally confronts... More Sofia.

    EPISODE 1.7

    Stop Printing This Muck

    The gang head to Fleet Street to stop the news... More sheets from printing lies about Nell.

    EPISODE 1.8

    Not Some Cheap Trick

    Nell and the gang race against time to stop Poynton... More and save the Queen.

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