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When a deep space freighter is damaged by a solar flare its surviving crew are stranded on a beautiful and... More

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Scavengers Reign: Season 1 is available to stream in the... More United Kingdom now on Netflix.

Scavengers Reign: Season 1 episodes

Episode 1.1

The Signal

After their deep-space freighter is damaged, the stranded crew of... More the Demeter must fight to survive on a beautiful yet dangerous planet.

Episode 1.2

The Storm

As a storm rages, Sam and Ursula set out to... More find the Demeter, while Azi and Levi seek shelter. Meanwhile, Hollow helps Kamen revisit old memories.

Episode 1.3

The Wall

While Ursula bears witness to a transformation, Azi struggles with... More Levi's ever-changing personality as she tries to survive a deadly stampede.

Episode 1.4

The Dream

Alone and in pursuit of Sam, Ursula resorts to desperate... More measures, while Kamen continues his hunt amid Hollow's demands.


The Demeter

After an encounter with another survivor, Kamen considers the weight... More of his actions, while Azi experiences a change of heart.


The Fall

While Ursula faces an all-too familiar adversary, Azi and Levi... More find themselves pitted against a formidable new foe.


The Cure

Facing mounting health issues, Ursula and Azi each find that... More they are not alone.


The Nest

While Azi leads Kris, Terrence, and Barry towards her downed... More ship, Ursula struggles to keep up with an overzealous Sam.


The Mountain

After reaching an insurmountable obstacle, Azi must learn to trust... More Kris and Barry. Meanwhile, rough waters test a newly reborn Sam.


The Decision

In range of the wrecked Demeter, Azi confronts Kris about... More the ship's remaining survivors, while Sam delivers a devastating truth.


The Return

As Ursula races to reach the ship, Azi fights to... More get free and Kamen faces a haunting new vision. Onboard the Demeter, Kris finally meets her match.


The Reunion

In a bid to save the surviving crew, Azi and... More Ursula face-off against their greatest threat yet, while a conflicted Barry weighs an important decision.

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A buzzy delight

A hugely overlooked gem of a sci-fi series, echoing the animation style of Mœbius, Miyazaki and Æon Flux. Scavengers Reign follows the human survivors of a crashed space freighter on a strange planet populated by bizarre creatures forming an intriguingly interlocked ecosystem. Smart, surreal sci-fi that’s a buzzy delight.

Steve Newall

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Drama, Science Fiction
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