Sherlock: Season 1

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When a chance encounter brings soldier John Watson into Sherlock's life, it's apparent the two men couldn't be more different,... More

Where to watch Sherlock: Season 1

Sherlock: Season 1 is available to stream in the United... More Kingdom now on Amazon Video and Apple TV Store and Google TV and BBC iPlayer and Now and Sky Go and Microsoft.

Sherlock: Season 1 episodes


A Study in Pink

A war hero, invalided home from Afghanistan, meets a strange... More but charismatic genius who is looking for a flatmate; it is London, 2010, and Dr Watson and Sherlock Holmes are meeting for the first time. A string of impossible suicides has Scotland Yard baffled - and only one man can help.


The Blind Banker

A mysterious cipher is being scrawled on the walls around... More London. The first person to see the cipher is dead within hours of reading it. Sherlock plunges into a world of codes and symbols, consulting with London's best graffiti artists. He soon learns that the city is in the grip a gang of international smugglers, a secret society called the Black Lotus.


The Great Game

A strange clue in an empty room, a blood-soaked car,... More a priceless Old Master, a deranged bomber. With the clock ticking, the curtain rises on a battle of wits between Sherlock, John and the shadowy stranger who seems to know all the answers...

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