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André Holland (Moonlight) plays Black Panther Party co-founder Huey P. Newton in this miniseries that sees him enlist an unlikely... More

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The Big Cigar: Miniseries is available to stream in the... More United Kingdom now on Apple TV+.

The Big Cigar: Miniseries episodes

Episode 1.1


On the heels of his overturned conviction, Huey P. Newton... More reignites a revolution and meets an unexpected donor.

Episode 1.2

The Cuban

Huey and Bert's bold plan falls into place. Huey attempts... More to move the Black Panther Party away from armed confrontation.

Episode 1.3

Guns & Matzah

Huey and Eldridge stand divided. Bert and Steve clash over... More Huey. The road to Cuba becomes increasingly treacherous.

Episode 1.4

What Are Friends For?

A chaotic confrontation leads to a change of plans. Huey... More and Bobby's differences come to light. Agent Clark pulls out all the stops.


Lost Paradise

Clark puts pressure on the Mexican government. Tragedy strikes Bert.... More Huey receives life-changing news—and hits another roadblock.


The Pirate

Bert works hard to prove his loyalty. Gwen inspires a... More grand gesture. Huey's legacy lives on.

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