The Silent Service: The Battle of Tokyo Bay

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An extended version of The Silent Service depicting Shiro Kaieda's story on a grand scale, from declaring the independent state of Yamato... More

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The Silent Service: The Battle of Tokyo Bay is available... More to stream in the United Kingdom now on Prime Video.

The Silent Service: The Battle of Tokyo Bay episodes

Episode 1.1

Yamanami Crushes 

The Maritime Self-Defense Force submarine Yamanami collides with a U.S.... More nuclear submarine, crushing all 76 people on board, including its CO, Shiro Kaieda. Hiroshi Fukamachi, CO of the MSDF diesel submarine Tatsunami, becomes suspicious of the accident and analyzes the recorded data of the collision.

Episode 1.2

Seabat Surfaces

The Seabat, a state-of-the-art nuclear submarine hijacked by Kaieda, surfaces... More in front of the U.S. Seventh Fleet, which has assembled to sink the Seabat as it is considered a terrorist threat. There, Kaieda makes a startling declaration.

Episode 1.3

Kaieda VS Fukamachi

Fukamachi's diesel ship Tatsunami arrives in the area, where the... More operation is in a standstill after Kaieda's declaration. In an attempt to stop Kaieda, Fukamachi boards the Seabat.

Episode 1.4

Combat Begins

Kaieda finally begins to combat the U.S. forces. Three nuclear... More submarines of the Seventh Fleet close in on the Seabat. Chief Cabinet Secretary Wataru Unabara heads to a summit meeting with U.S. President Bennett.


Japan-U.S. Summit Meeting

A Japan-U.S. summit meeting is held, but neither country concedes... More to the other's claims. Meanwhile, the U.S. Third Fleet launches an anti-submarine missile at the 2nd Maritime Self-Defense Force convoy led by Commander Numata, which has been dispatched to escort the Seabat.


Seabat Enters Tokyo Bay

After the battle with the U.S. Third Fleet, Kaieda arrives... More at Tokyo Bay to conclude an alliance with Japan. The Japanese government announces to the public a series of events that began with the top-secret Seabat Project.


Yamato vs. Japan, Alliance Negotiations

Kaieda appears at the meeting. The alliance negotiations between Japan... More and the independent nation of Yamato are reported to the world. As soon as the talks are over, President Bennett identifies the Yamato as a terrorist organization and orders its destruction.


Tatsunami Sinks

The MSDF floating dock Southern Cross, which is carrying the... More Yamato, begins to sink under the attack of the U.S. forces. The Yamato tries to escape before the ship sinks. The Tatsunami, that was put at risk to escort the Yamato, begins to sink.

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