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Season 4 of the HBO anthology crime series is set in Ennis, Alaska, where eight men have disappeared without a... More

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True Detective: Season 4 - Night Country is available to... More stream in the United Kingdom now on Amazon Video and Apple TV Store and Google TV and Now.

True Detective: Season 4 - Night Country episodes

Episode 4.1

Night Country: Part 1

When eight researchers at Tsalal Station vanish without a trace,... More Danvers orders a search. After handling a workplace dispute, Navarro tries to convince a skeptical Danvers that the men's disappearance is connected to the murder of a local activist.

Episode 4.2

Night Country: Part 2

As Danvers and Prior learn more about Tsalal – and... More find an unlikely location for the physical evidence – Captain Connelly threatens to move the case to Anchorage. Later, Navarro and Danvers find a connection between one of the Tsalal men and Annie.

Episode 4.3

Night Country: Part 3

While Hank leads the search for Clark, Prior asks Danvers... More about the murder-suicide case that drove a wedge between her and Navarro. Then, Navarro and Danvers seek out a local hairdresser for insight on Annie -- which leads to a tip.

Episode 4.4

Night Country: Part 4

When Julia's mental health struggles resurface, Navarro brings her to... More a local facility, promising that this time will be better. Later, Danvers and Navarro confirm the location of Annie's murder, and Danvers levies a harsh punishment on Leah.


Night Country: Part 5

As Prior digs into the links between Tsalal and mining... More company Silver Sky, Navarro rescues Leah from a local protest that has turned violent. At a meeting with Silver Sky exec Kate McKitterick, Danvers is warned not to pursue the case any further.


Night Country: Part 6

In the midst of a brutal storm, Danvers and Navarro... More find themselves stuck at Tsalal with no electricity or means of contact. As the truth about what happened to Annie and the Tsalal men unfolds, Navarro and Danvers each confront the demons from their past.

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A winning format

Investigating a gruesome crime on screen for the first time since her Oscar-winning turn in The Silence of the Lambs in 1991(!), Foster brings a no-nonsense sensibility to detective Liz Danvers here. This season may not open the meme floodgates in the same way True Detective did ten years ago but there’s plenty to enjoy about this revival of a winning format.

Steve Newall

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