How to watch Late Night with the Devil in the UK

The makers of the criminally underseen and very fun 100 Bloody Acres are back with this 70’s-set slice of found footage horror.

When is Late Night with the Devil being released in the UK?

Late Night with the Devil is in UK cinemas now.

What is Late Night with the Devil about?

Framed as a documentary cobbled together from broadcast and behind the scenes footage, Late Night with the Devil tells the terrifying tale of what went down when (fictional, we must stress) late night talk and variety show Night Owls with Jack Delroy aired a very special occult-themed episode on October 31, 1977: Halloween, of course. With a psychic, a sceptic, a parapsychologist and an alleged victim of demonic possession on the guest roster, the stage is set for a fun, mildly frightening evening of entertainment…until things start getting weird. To say much more would be a disservice, but if you’re fond of innovative horror, you’re in for a treat.

The cast of Late Night with the Devil

David Dastmalchian, who you’ve seen all over the place in recent years, including in The Suicide Squad and Ant-Man, is host Jack Delroy; Laura Gordon (Foe) is parapsychologist June Ross-Mitchell;
Ian Bliss, channelling Vincent Price vibes, is sceptic Carmichael the Conjurer; Fayssal Bazzi (The Merger) is the psychic Christou; Ingrid Torelli is the demon-haunted Lilly D’Abo; and Josh Quong Tart is venal producer Leo Fiske, with the legendary Michael Ironside on narration duties.

Late Night with the Devil trailer

Why we’re excited about Late Night with the Devil

There’s a whole thriving subgenre of throwback horror set in the ’70s, such as X and The House of the Devil, but Late Night with the Devil freshens things up with its found footage conceit. Plus, this is a rare leading role for Dastmalchian, a top notch character actor whose really put in the hard yards since his debut in The Dark Knight. Add in some spectacular gore gags and a genuinely creepy tone, and it’s a must see.